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What to Do if the Engraving/Cutting are offset?


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  • Arianne-Richard Lipphardt

    We got our machine set up, found the Air Hose was not properly attached to the Air Assist Machine. This caused in our 2 trys of the Lion/Lamb to engrave ok but the laser did not complete the cut. 

    Patrick had us go through the steps in YouTube Link [WeCreat Vision How to Clean and Grease Your Machine: There was a lot to be cleaned prior to that because the Air Assist tube was not attached properly/nor working to blow away the debris. [Patrick gave us screen shots from the YouTube noted above. Highly recommend everyone watch that one a couple times.  We followed it exactly. 

    BUT…our problem of the laser not cutting through the 3mm basewood, it is Not engraving nor etching [laser shows a blinking light as though it works but next to nothing is engraving etching or cutting]….I find no help articles for this problem.  HELP! I really want this machine to work!


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